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Results 2014


November 16
Mamma Jean's Revenge I

November 17
Mamma Jean's Revenge II


April 5
Rumble on the Red

April 6
Rumble on the Red

May 10
Wild Rice River Shootout

May 11
Wild Rice River Shootout

June 21
MN Get Together Shoot I

June 22
MN Get Together Shoot II

June 28
Showdown at the Gateway Corral

July 12
Raid on the Gold Mine

July 13
Raid on the Gold Mine

July 26
Lynn Hanson Memorial Shoot

July 27
Lynn Hanson Memorial Shoot

Sept 6
Northern Prairie Shootout

Sept 7
Northern Prairie Shootout

Nov 1
Mamma Jean's Revenge

Nov 2
Mamma Jean's Revenge


The Northern Minnesota Buckle Series was completed at the Northern Prairie Shoot in Twin Valley ending with the following results: 

  • Division 3 L1 & L2 winner:  Libby Wickum

  • Division 3 M1 & M2 winner:  Tom Haverkamp

  • Division 2 L3 & L4 winner:  Lahna Haverkamp

  • Division 2 M3 & M4 winner:  Dan Bertils

  • Division 1 L5 & L6 winner:  Laura Pikop

  • Division 1 M5 & M6 winner:  Paul Duncombe

Each winner received an engraved Montana Silversmith Belt Buckle.

The shoots involved in the Northern Minnesota Buckle Series were Raid on the Goldmine in Bemidji, Lynn Hanson Memorial Shootout in Warren, and the Northern Prairie Shootout in Twin Valley.

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